SIR Epidemic routing

Consider a basic stochastic SIR epidemic routing algorithm, where a piece of information starts to broadcast from a source node.

By analogy to the way a disease spreads in a human network, a node in the MANET can be in any of three states S, I, R: A node that has never received the information from the source is in the state of susceptible (S), in which the node can accept incoming transmissions if such opportunity arises. A susceptible node goes into the state of infected and infectious (I) immediately after it has received a copy of the information. The node in state I keeps transmitting the information, i.e. remain infectious, for a certain time period, after which the node enters into the state of recovered and immune (R). A node in state R stops transmitting the information to other nodes and will ignore all future transmissions of the same information from other nodes.

The following animation illustrates an information propagation process in a MANET using the aforementioned SIR epidemic routing algorithm.




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Updated: Septembert 24, 2011